About Me

I am a junior at Stanford University majoring in Product Design. My passion is welding, woodworking and restoring vehicles. I love designing and building.

I began building when I was very young, helping my dad with various projects, but it was not until I was ten that I built something that was, for the most part, my design and had minimal adult assistance (though supervision was not lacking).  I, along with two of my friends, constructed a 16 foot tall, two story club house. It all went from there, in the next four years, armed with a jigsaw, chop saw and drill driver, I produced three floats for the Independence Day parade (I solicited help from my friends and family), siege weapons: Trebuchet, Catapult, Ballista and a number of less grand things.

It has been just in the past four years that my projects have become more furniture grade such as a chess set, window boxes, a desk, picture frames, etc.

This year is when I really began metal working and auto mechanics, somewhat not by choice because the old Tacoma I bought likes to have untimely issues. This past year has also seen the dawn of my electrical experimentation with some extremely scary projects that were more parts fire starter than their intended purpose.