by woodyoushouldyou

This fall I helped an eight year old neighbor build a tree house.  After disassembling my clubhouse last year, I had a lot of fun building this tree house with this kid and teaching him about carpentry. It was really cool for me to see someone so young excited about the actual building process rather than just the finished product.  Every time I introduced a new tool or a building material he would ask me several incredibly intelligent and relevant questions until he got to a pretty good understanding of how it worked; he is a pretty good representation of who I was a decade ago.

The tree house is an 8’x12′ platform that sits ten feet off the ground and is supported by four 4×4 legs so we didn’t have to drive bolts into the tree. On top of half of the platform is a house with a steel roof. The house has two windows, which are just holes with a shutter, and a door that leads out to the porch. From the ground there are three options to get to the porch:

1. The climbing wall

2. A rope with knots that you grab on to and walk your feet up the wall

3. A ladder.


The wood we used is not pressure treated so a nice coat of paint will happen at some point in the near future.

photo 2 (3) photo 4 (1) tree house treehouse done