Heated Double Redneck Pool

by woodyoushouldyou

On the shortest day of 2014, my friend and I backed our trucks (both Toyota Tacomas) together and filled them with water. It was not quite that simple though; the driveway was sloped and my friend’s truck sits 3.5″ taller so leveling and aligning was needed. The other consideration we had to take into account was compression of the suspension. Our trucks are rated to only carry 1100 lbs in the bed and we were about to drop about 2300 lbs in each truck, so even if it didn’t break something the compression was sure going to throw everything off level. We combated these problems with ten jack stands, and worked from the top of the hill down to get everything level. After the trucks were in place, which took a couple hours, we built a fire in our redneck pool heater which consists of a wheel barrow bucket with an old car radiator welded on top. For the next couple of hours we fed the fire while filling the pool through the radiator and only caught the tarp on fire twice.

The party lasted for about 15 minutes and pretty much consisted of everyone sitting around the fire in a foot of water complaining about how cold it was. The fun however was not over yet, we emptied all 500 plus gallons of water in to the yard, pulled the jack stands, and drove the trucks off the blocks. My friend then got his truck stuck in our yard, which was honestly more of a mud puddle at this point, and after we made some ruts we finally pulled him out with my mom’s mini van (please note that he has 32″ all terrain tires on his two wheel drive truck).

Anyway although this is not exactly woodworking, there was wood involved, I built it, and its pretty cool.

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