My grandfather’s tools

by woodyoushouldyou

Last summer my grandparents moved out of their house and into an apartment; there was not space for a work shop at the new place so my grandfather gave away most of his tools.

The big thing that I got was his 16″ Delta band saw. I also brought home many cool old hand tools which have proved very useful.


this tool greatly improved my realm of possibilities


I found these Aluminium Craftmans tools, most likely dating back to the 50’s, to be quite cool though they are apparently dangerous to use because the highly conductive Aluminium casing is a shock hazard.


sander, circular saw and jigsaw


My grandfather etched his initials on all his tools and he added his social security number on these when the Operation Identification program began in the 70’s.


part of my grandpa’s ssn etched in the saw.
he also put his initials on all his tools.

Thank you, Opa!