The George W. Goethals

by woodyoushouldyou

In 2008 I designed my Independence Day parade float after the ship my grandfather served on during and after WWII.

The USNS George W. Goethals

During the war the George W. Goethals acted as a transatlantic army transport and participated in the D-Day invasion. After the war the Goethals transported solders and war brides back to the US.


The George W. Goethles II

My 84 year old grandpa was able to be with us that year for the parade and we gave him the honorary seat on the bridge (he’s in the red shirt).  My cousins and aunt and uncle also came from Ohio and we spent the night before the parade literally making hundreds of flyers–paper airplanes, that we had printed the history of the USNS Goethals on.  We threw these out at the parade.

The construction was nothing noteworthy; basically 2X4 and gussets with cardboard stapled to it.

Thanks for your service, Grandpa!